Meet NCHA’s newest affiliates companies

NCHA Affiliates are businesses interested in working with NCHA Strategic Partners to gain exposure to North Carolina hospitals and health systems, learn more about the NC Healthcare Association, and grow towards greater involvement. Here are recent additions to the NCHA Affiliate program:

  • Bruno & Ridgway Research Associates
    As healthcare continues its dramatic transformation in the delivery of care and patient expectations, Bruno & Ridgway Research Associates can help healthcare providers identify opportunities and reduce risk. Learn more here. Get started today by contacting Sarah Laskey, Director of Client Engagement, at
  • Engage Practice Solutions
    Engage Practice Solutions apply data science and predictive analytics to prepare you for population/value-based health. Learn more here about how their proprietary data tools can provide snapshots to optimize revenue, quality, productivity and cost effectiveness. Questions? Contact Jim Dowdell, Founder, at
  • Envigorate Healthcare Solutions
    The current healthcare environment requires a delicate balancing act of controlling costs and improving services, without decreasing quality of care or staff morale. Envigorate Healthcare Solutions (eHS) has enabled more than 300 hospitals to successfully find that balance and achieve their goals using eHS Strategic Cost Management Programs. Learn more here. Contact Mike Talerico, President, at

See the full list of NCHA Strategic Partners and Affiliates in our program brochure. If you have questions about our Affiliates, contact Devita Artis at 919-677-4135 or

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