NCHA 340B advocacy update

The Energy and Commerce Committee on Health met on July 11 to discuss a number of proposed legislative bills affecting the 340B Program. Proposals include a two-year hiatus on new registrations in the program, additional reporting requirements, and statutorily defining a “340b patient.” A discussion draft proposal would raise the qualifying disproportionate share percentage from 11.75% to 18%, effectively disqualifying up to 33 of North Carolina’s 340B hospitals. One of the bills discussed in the Committee would nullify CMS’ payment cuts to 340B hospitals for Medicare Part B drugs, while CMS in its 2019 rule, proposes to expand those payment cuts to certain off-campus hospital clinics, including facilities providing infusion therapy for cancer patients. NCHA is preparing comments on that proposed rule and welcomes your input. For more details on this and a request for member 340B value workbook reports, see the attached memo.

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