Patient Placement Procedures from NC Office of Emergency Management

Attached is a procedure that was put in place last night by the Healthcare Preparedness Program at the NC Office of Emergency Medical Services case a large number of patients need to be transferred/evacuated in anticipation of Hurricane Florence. Based on the patient placement procedure, if a hospital needs patients evacuated they should complete the attached spreadsheet (NC Hospital Disaster Pt Transfer Form) and send to their Healthcare Preparedness Coalition(HPC). Once the HPC has vetted the list, please email it to San Juan Timmons at and Kimberly Clement at and they will starting working the list. The Duke Patient Transfer Center has been asked coordinate this effort for with all the various hospital systems across the state. They will reach out and determine where patients can be placed and they advise the State to make sure transport resources have been identified. OEMS will then communicate back to the HPCs. Direct questions to Kimberly Clement, Program Manager, Healthcare Preparedness Program at 919-855-3936     or 919-210-1463

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