Value-based care is working for North Carolina families

North Carolina’s healthcare providers are advocating for a new approach to the State Health Plan using a value-based care model. But what does value-based care look like in practice? And how can it reduce cost? Our state has  numerous examples that show how value-based approaches to healthcare are working in North Carolina to improve health and lower costs. One such example is Family Connects, a program of the Duke Center for Child and Family Policy in partnership with the Durham County Health Department and the Center for Child & Family Health.

The home visiting program for new parents, first piloted in 2008, has been recognized as a national model and has demonstrated measurable results among participants, including fewer costly emergency department visits, improved mother mental health, and greater connections to community resources. The program is open to all families at the time of birth regardless of income, status or number of children. There is no charge to participate.

Durham Connects estimates that for each $1 invested in the program, $3 is saved in emergency health care costs. Typical program partners are non-profits, health departments, hospital systems, state-wide early childhood, education or health systems, physician groups and/or universities. By working together, healthcare providers are demonstrating that investments in preventive care and education can yield results in improved health and lower costs.

Find out more about why value-based care is the right path forward for the State Health Plan.

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