AHA Releases New Report, Resources on Telehealth

The American Hospital Association’s Center for Health Innovation this week released a series of new market intelligence tools for hospital and health system leaders that focus on telehealth, including:

  • A report examining the flexibility of delivery platforms and how they fit into integrated care; why telehealth is critical to health care transformation; the state of telehealth and opportunities for growth in hospitals; and how providers can build capacity to expand access, improve outcomes and reduce costs.
  • Twenty-five questions for hospital and health system leadership teams to consider to ensure that their telehealth programs and services are effective.
  • A guide to the telehealth tech market and insight on choosing the right vendor and technology.
  • An interactive map of telehealth adoption in the U.S.
  • Case studies of hospitals and health systems that are using telehealth to expand access and improve care in their communities.

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