MCAG Offers Class Action Settlement Recovery Services

NCHA Strategic Partners is pleased to announce that MCAG has joined our portfolio of value-added services. MCAG is an expert in recovering money due from class action settlement funds.

Settlement opportunities account for billions of dollars in available funds annually. Regrettably, businesses large and small are often denied the money they are entitled to because they don’t have experience negotiating with claims administrators or preparing the required documentation, data sets, or forms.

MCAG doesn’t create class actions, they continually search for class actions that have already settled and have funds available for their clients. Monitoring settlement opportunities and effectively filing claims is a complex and resource-intensive process.

MCAG only works on a contingent fee basis when providing recovery services. You avoid upfront fees and enjoy the comfort of knowing that their motivation is in harmony with your needs and expectations.

For more details, see the attached MCAG Settlement Services flyer. Also attached is the latest Class Action Settlement Alert with more than $5 Billion in settlements funds potentially available to eligible NCHA members and others. When settlement opportunities arise, MCAG will alert NCHA members. To enroll today, click here. Don’t let another opportunity pass you by!

Questions? Contact Adam T. Schmidt, Vice President, Settlements Division at 800-355-0466, Ext. 2406 or

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