Bills Introduced to Expand Coverage and Increase Access to Telehealth

House Bill 655NC Health Care for Working Families Act, and House Bill 721, Increase Access to Telehealth Services, were introduced last week. NCHA released statements of support for both bills. HB 655 is a common-sense option to close the coverage gap and increase affordable access to health insurance for working individuals and families in North Carolina. By covering hard-working North Carolinians like farmers, fisherman, clergy, and veterans, this bill moves North Carolina in the right direction. Read more here. HB 721 will support healthcare providers in meeting the needs of patients and communities across the state through increased access to telehealth care. The bill calls for coverage and reimbursement for telehealth services consistent with that of in-person services through the state’s Medicaid and NC Health Choice programs as well as by private health plan providers. Read more here.

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