NCHA Statement on Revised State Health Plan Proposal

Regarding the North Carolina State Treasurer’s announcement yesterday that he will further alter the State Health Plan in an effort to lure more hospitals, decisions about whether or not to opt-in to the Treasurer’s new offer remain up to individual hospitals and health systems. It is unclear at this time whether this new proposal will result in any movement.

We are not surprised by the Treasurer’s announcement. He had to address the network inadequacy issue that occurred after nearly every hospital in the state rejected his previous offer. The plan that is being forced on state employees – designed without healthcare providers’ input – exposes 97% of state health plan participants to out-of-network charges and creates significant access and financial burdens on them. The state’s leading hospitals and health systems have offered a variety of value-based proposals and solutions that the Treasurer has, unfortunately, ignored.

We are encouraged that the Treasurer is thinking of developing an advisory board.That said, House Bill 184  — already passed by the House — creates an expert group to look at the current plan and design a better approach that supports the health and well-being of its members, ensures choice, supports local providers, and saves money.

We continue to urge State Senate leadership to take up House Bill 184 and end the hurt that our state employees and retirees are going to feel on January 1, 2020. Now is the time to support a better plan and process that will best serve all North Carolinians while preventing significant financial harm to patients, hospitals and communities.

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