Healthcare Leaders Convene to Discuss Future of Care in North Carolina

NCHA members discuss continued commitment to equitable and accessible care for all through value-based care

CARY, N.C.–The North Carolina Healthcare Association (NCHA) convened 300 hospital and health system leaders and other stakeholders from across the state last week to discuss their role in shaping a positive future for healthcare in North Carolina.

During the NCHA annual Winter Meeting in Raleigh, discussions centered on how hospitals and health systems will advance strategies to ensure North Carolinians have access to high-quality care, including reimagining rural healthcare, redesigning healthcare through innovation, and developing resources to help patients navigate the healthcare system more effectively.

“We are rethinking what healthcare can look like in North Carolina,” said Steve Lawler, president and CEO of the NCHA. “Our goals in 2020 include identifying and removing barriers to care, simplifying the patient experience, and accelerating the move to value-based care—an approach that truly puts patients first.”

NCHA and its members are continuing efforts to move away from the traditional fee-for-service healthcare model and toward a more efficient and effective value-based care approach that will improve individual patients’ health and reduce costs to them, and to taxpayers, over time. Several leaders shared value-based success stories in the opening leadership panel.

“We’ve been involved in value-based care efforts in a variety of areas, and our ACO WakeMed Key Community Care has generated more than $86.6 million in savings since 2015,” said Donald Gintzig, CEO of WakeMed. “That is a strong indicator that if we focus on high quality, well-coordinated care across North Carolina, we can make a dramatic impact not only on reducing the cost of care for our patients, but also on the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve.”

Moving into 2020, the membership will continue its drive to add value for North Carolinians and achieve tangible results in the form of both cost and quality improvements.


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