Letter to Governor Cooper requesting a shelter-in-place directive

NCHA sent a letter on behalf of North Carolina’s hospitals and health systems to Gov. Cooper requesting a shelter-in-place directive or a stay-at-home order to change the trajectory of cases and impact the spread of the virus in NC.

March 23, 2020

The Honorable Roy Cooper
Governor of North Carolina

Dear Governor Cooper:

As a follow up to our letter submitted on March 22, 2020 requesting your action to strengthen social distancing guidance, we now ask that you issue an immediate order to Shelter in Place.

After briefing with all hospital systems throughout the State earlier today, it’s clear that the cases are increasing at a rapid rate. Personal protective equipment and supplies are running low in nearly every region of the State. We cannot afford to be led by a false sense of security created by a low number of confirmed cases. We do not have the luxury to think and act based on human time. COVID-19 follows its own timeline and pathway. Because of limited availability of tests and high-throughput technology, we do not have the data to fully understand the magnitude or timing of the surge. We expect to see a continued multiplying effect until the state implements a Shelter in Place directive. It is imperative that we move quickly, as it will take at least two weeks after a shelter in place order is issued before we see a change in the trajectory of cases. Hospitals and physicians throughout the State believe this is the only resort left to immediately impact the growth and spread of the virus.

Your immediate attention is appreciated.


Steve Lawler
President and CEO
North Carolina Healthcare Association


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