NCHA, NC Chamber, NC Medical Society Call for Unity in Practicing Health Habits to Slow the Spread of COVID-19

A Strong Economy Hinges on all North Carolinians Consistently Following Simple Health Recommendations

RALEIGH, NC – The NC Chamber (NC Chamber), the North Carolina Healthcare Association (NCHA) and North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) are today calling on all North Carolinians to be united in voluntarily practicing CDC-recommended behaviors to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, including wearing a face covering when in public or high-risk indoor group settings, practicing social distancing and washing hands often.

Concerns about the serious impacts of both a stagnated economy and ongoing community spread of COVID-19 led leaders of the three organizations to urge all North Carolinians to work together so that the state can move forward toward full economic recovery. They emphasized that North Carolinians’ ability to enjoy good health during a pandemic is built on more than access to medical care. It’s equally important to eat right, get exercise and be able to live, work and play in safe places. Getting people back to work and play and protecting each other in the process, will require everyone to practice the 3 W’s consistently. They emphasized that we can relaunch our economy and protect our health simultaneously.

“People are the top priority for the NC Chamber and its members. The health and safety of our employees, customers, vendors and communities are a lodestar for North Carolina employers. Businesses should be able to reopen and stay open to relaunch North Carolina’s economy, but their effectiveness in getting us on the road to economic recovery depends on North Carolinians’ willingness to help us protect people by following public health recommendations,” said Gary Salamido, President and CEO of the NC Chamber. “These goals go together.”

Balancing the concerns about ongoing community spread of COVID-19 and protecting a vibrant workforce in North Carolina led leaders of the three organizations to urge all North Carolinians to work together to slow the spread as the state continues taking steps to propel economic recovery.

“Public health and the economy go together – a strong economy leads to good health,” said Robert Seligson, Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of the North Carolina Medical Society. “Taking steps like wearing a face covering or physical distancing should not be politicized. It is not about prioritizing public health or the economy – it is about prioritizing both. The scientific and medical community consensus is now quite clear that masks both protect the individual wearing it and have collective benefit for the community. The benefits far outweigh the inconvenience. If everyone consistently does these recommended behaviors, we can help avoid further impacting our economy.”

“From the perspective of the state’s health systems and hospitals, we want everyone to be able to enjoy good health and to be able to safely support local businesses,” said Steve Lawler, President and CEO of the North Carolina Healthcare Association. “It takes all of us working together to slow the spread of the coronavirus and to protect the health of not only ourselves, but also everyone around us. Wearing a cloth face covering and practicing social distancing helps to both protect the health of businesses you want to support as you also protect the health of yourself and others. We know these health habits work, so we ask that every North Carolinian adopt these habits and keep the health of both our people and business community strong.”


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