Capstone Health Alliance announces partnership with NCHA Strategic Partners

Capstone Health Alliance (Fletcher, NC) announced a new partnership with NCHA Strategic Partners (NCHASP), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the North Carolina Healthcare Association (NCHA). The partnership will provide members of both organizations access to strategic agreements and an array of business partners.

Capstone Chief Customer Officer, Jackie Dula, said, “Capstone is excited to partner with a statewide leader like NCHA Strategic Partners. We are looking forward to this expanded partnership and to be able to offer powerful new solutions to our members.”

NCHA Strategic Partners Senior Vice President Jody Fleming said, “NCHA Strategic Partners has worked closely with Capstone for two decades. The relationship has accomplished between 6-12% savings for participating hospitals and healthcare systems. NCHA Strategic Partners and Capstone will be combining segments of our portfolios, bringing more robust offerings for our respective members. We are excited to take our business relationship to the next level as we work together to enhance value and savings for our member health systems and hospitals and other healthcare providers. For example, NCHA Strategic Partners can assist with sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE) during the pandemic for items under allocation or shortage in the marketplace through the purchasing collaborative created. NCHA Strategic Partners and Capstone Health Alliance will be stronger together.”

About Capstone Health Alliance

Capstone Health Alliance is a group purchasing alliance of healthcare and non-healthcare members that delivers cost savings through the power of aggregation and collaboration. Based in Fletcher, North Carolina, Capstone’s membership includes 300 Hospitals representing more than 140 Health Systems across 23 states and represents over $10 billion in acute care supply chain spend. Beyond healthcare, Capstone also represents over 25,000 non-acute and business & industry members. Capstone delivers quantifiable savings and actionable data that enable better purchasing decisions for our members. In addition to cost savings initiatives, Capstone members collaborate to share best practices all with the intent of improving cost, quality, and outcomes.

About NCHA Strategic Partners

NCHA Strategic Partners, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the North Carolina Healthcare Association, is a resource to healthcare providers for access to workable, cost- effective solutions to business challenges in areas such as revenue cycle, staffing, cybersecurity, supply cost management, equipment maintenance, workers’ compensation, and more.


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