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North Carolina Hospital Association

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NCHA Annual Awards and Recognitions

Each year, the following awards are presented at the North Carolina Hospital Association’s three annual meetings.

Governor's Award of Performance Excellence in Healthcare

Winter Membership Meeting, February
The Office of the Governor of North Carolina presents the Governor's Award of Performance Excellence in Healthcare at the NCHA Winter Meeting. The North Carolina Awards for Excellence program, based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria, is coordinated through the Industrial Extension Service (now Industry Expansion Solutions) at North Carolina State University. IES partners with NCHA’s NC Quality Center on education programs. If your healthcare organization is challenged with reducing costs, improving quality and innovation, the NCAfE program can provide invaluable feedback on your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement. The NCAfE recognizes participation at four defined levels: Involvement, Commitment, Advancement and Leadership. If you have questions about the NCAfE Program, please contact Beth Gargan at beth_gargan@ncsu.edu or 919-515-8524. For more information, go to https://www.ies.ncsu.edu/?s=governor+award+for+performance+excellence.


NCHA Trustee Awards

Trustee Institute, April
The Trustee Service Award was created in 1992 by NCHA to recognize exceptional leadership among hospital trustees. The awards are presented in the spring at NCHA’s Trustee Institute. Nominations are sought January through March. The nomination process includes submitting a brief narrative description of the nominee’s notable and unique contributions to the hospital system’s board. NCHA members are allowed one nomination each. The number of winners chosen annually is limited. Recipients are expected to attend Trustee Institute. To submit a nomination, download the attached form or go online to submit a webform here


NCHA Summer Meeting Awards

NCHA Summer Membership Meeting, July
NCHA’s highest honors are awarded at NCHA’s Summer Membership Meeting in July. They are the Distinguished Service Award, Meritorious Service Award*, Clinical Leadership Award and Trustee Merit Award. Nominations are sought January through March. The NCHA Board makes the final selections. To nominate a candidate, please complete the web form linked to the award title below and attach a written description about how the nominee meets the qualifications for the award.  

Distinguished Service Award recipient must:

  • Be an executive officer of an NCHA member institution when selected to receive the award.
  • Have performed some outstanding, valuable, and unique service to the hospital field through a relationship with the NCHA.
  • Have made exemplary contributions to the hospital field through such channels as management, education, research, or service at the state, regional, national, or international level.
  • Not have received this honor previously.

Clinical Leadership Award recipient must:

  • Be a clinical leader that is not a CEO (i.e. CMO, CNO) of an NCHA member institution when selected to receive the award.
  • Have demonstrated exemplary clinical leadership in care transformation through innovation and improvement in population health management, value based care, or other activity.
  • Have made a unique contribution to the health care field or to the institution with which the recipient is affiliated.

Trustee Merit Award recipient must:

  • Have served as a member of the board of trustees of an NCHA member institution, but may not be part of a member institution's management.
  • Have made a unique contribution to the health care field or to the institution of which the recipient is a trustee. Longevity of service as a trustee, alone, is not sufficient to warrant this honor. In selecting the recipient, preference will be given to hospital trustees who have expressed interest in the NCHA through participation in its programs, services, or activities.

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