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North Carolina Hospital Association

Serving North Carolina Hospitals & Health Systems


Our strength in Raleigh and in Washington is built on the good works of hospitals and their relationships within the communities they serve. The NCHA advocacy team helps hospital leaders and community members develop and enhance relationships with their elected officials by encouraging communication and personal participation in our system of government.

Our goal is to keep you informed on the key issues impacting our hospitals and the issues pending before the North Carolina General Assembly and the United States Congress. We want to make it easy for you to shape the debate by providing the tools you need to contact your elected officials and express your support and concerns.

Your contacts with government officials, state legislators and members of Congress can make a real difference, and will help your hospital continue serving patients and your community, so we can all have a healthier tomorrow

It's about patients and their loved ones.

  • Help hospitals continue to provide care all day, everyday, to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Maintain and strengthen access to high-quality care.
  • Help lower healthcare costs for all.

It's about North Carolina communities and businesses. 

  • Support NC jobs. A healthy workforce is an essential economic tool for businesses looking to grow in or relocate to NC.
  • Prevent hospitals from cutting critical jobs. Hospitals are the leading employers in most communities. Every job in an NC hospital produces 1.2 jobs outside of the hospital.
  • Keep hospitals reinvesting in their communities. Hospitals are a vital source of income taxes and spending in their local communities.
  • Help hospitals provide population health. 
  • Help hospitals continue to care for their entire community. Community Benefit report (by hospital)
  • Never let your community experience life without a community hospital. Economic Impact 

It's about the health of our state and creating a healthier tomorrow for everyone.

  • Help lower healthcare costs for all.
  • Support hospitals in continuing to provide wellness opportunities within their communities (many at no cost).
  • Maintain patient access to cutting-edge technology, leading to the treatment and cures of tomorrow.
  • Provide access to the right care today, enabling us to build stronger communities for tomorrow. 

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