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North Carolina Hospital Association

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State Priorities

2016 North Carolina Hospitals' Legislative Issues

North Carolina Hospitals are open all day, every day. We employ more than 200,000 North Carolinians and contribute billions to the economy every year. Our mission is to provide care to all, regardless of their ability to pay.

North Carolina hospitals are in the midst of transforming our delivery of care to respond to the changing needs of our state. Our goal is to provide the appropriate level of care in the appropriate setting with the best outcomes. To meet our mission while transforming, your North Carolina hospitals support the following positions and remind you that your decisions affect the ability of your constituents to continue receiving world-class care in their community.

Certificate of Need

North Carolina hospitals and health systems support the current services covered under the Certificate of Need law. We recognize that the application and appeals process could be updated to be more streamlined and efficient, and that monetary thresholds for capital expenditures should be increased in response to modern economic conditions. Access NCHA Member Resources


North Carolina non-profit hospitals and health systems earn tax status every day through high levels of uncompensated care and community investments. Any effort to undermine the current tax treatment of hospitals and other not-for-profits could result in a loss of services and benefits to our community and our most needy patients. Access NCHA Member Resources

Medicaid Reform

North Carolina hospitals and health systems are partners in Medicaid reform and urge the state to ensure that providers have every opportunity to participate in reform. It is of utmost importance to preserve the $2 billion that currently enters North Carolina's economy because of provider assessment programs, including the hospital MRI/GAP program. Access NCHA Member Resources

Graduate Medical Education

North Carolina hospitals and health systems are training the healthcare providers of the future. To ensure that our state has highly trained providers for generations to come, particularly in under-served rural areas, the state should re-establish a Medicaid funding mechanism to support Graduate Medical Education. Access NCHA Member Resources

Behavioral Health

North Carolina hospitals and health systems support access to appropriate levels of care for behavioral health patients. The state should improve payment models to help behavioral health patients reach the right providers at the right time - and to compensate those providers for the care they provide - whether they receive crisis or non-crisis care. Access NCHA Member Resources


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