Care Transitions

Mobile Medication Program

Mobile Medication Program (MMP) is a home visiting medication support, education, and skill-building initiative serving adults with severe psychiatric illness that have trouble remembering to take their medications. Program participants receive brief, yet frequent home visits from MMP staff, intended to model the routine and consistency of taking medications. The primary focus of this program is to improve medication adherence and reduce the number psychiatric ED visits, hospitalizations, and length of stay in days.

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Critical Time Intervention

Critical Time Intervention (CTI) is an intensive 9-month case management model designed to assist adults age 18 years and older with mental illness who are going through critical transitions and who have functional impairments which preclude them from managing their transitional needs adequately. CTI promotes a focus on recovery, psychiatric rehabilitation and bridges the gap between institutional living and community services. CTI differs from traditional case management because it is time limited, focused and follows a three-phased approach.

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