COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Healthcare Workers

Atrium Health’s Medical Director of Infection Prevention Dr. Katie Passaretti was the first person in North Carolina to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

The North Carolina Healthcare Association issued a board-approved statement July 22, 2021 supporting COVID-19 vaccination requirements for North Carolina healthcare workers. Here is an excerpt:

“North Carolina’s hospitals and health systems exist to improve and protect the health of our communities, which is why they place patient, visitor and team member health and safety at the heart of the care they provide. In keeping with that goal, the North Carolina Healthcare Association strongly supports hospital and health system policies that require all hospital employees and clinical team members to be vaccinated against COVID-19. NCHA recognizes that each hospital and health system is unique and encourages each to determine the appropriate time to implement a requirement. All hospitals should continue to require other infection control measures per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance, such as wearing masks and other personal protective gear.”

Read NCHA’s full statement here.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) Board of Trustees adopted a similar policy statement July 21, 2021, supporting hospitals and health systems that adopt mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policies, with local factors and circumstances shaping whether and how these policies are implemented.

NCHA has prepared a COVID-19 vaccination policy implementation guidance and talking points for members adopting vaccine requirements for their employees. Please login to access these member-only resources.

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