Clinical Initiatives

In 2018, NCHA restructured the North Carolina Healthcare Foundation (NCHF) with a new Board of Directors and enhanced relationships with essential partners to focus on supporting health improvement work. In this transition the Rural Center and North Carolina Quality Center were folded under the NCHC umbrella.  In early November, The Duke Endowment’s Board of Trustees awarded a $4 million two-year grant to the NC Healthcare Foundation to launch a new Carolinas Health Innovation Institute. The Institute’s core purpose will be to identify, enhance and accelerate the statewide adaptation of innovative clinical models that increase access, influence equitable care delivery and improve clinical outcomes.

The Foundation is working to improve care for North Carolinians through collaborative clinical initiatives and innovative models. We are committed to improving outcomes for patients by:

  • Promoting a fair and just patient safety culture.
  • Optimizing teamwork and communication among healthcare professionals by fostering a culture of accountability.
  • Ensuring evidence-based care processes through reliable system design.
  • Gaining knowledge through organizational learning.

Here are our current clinical initiatives:

Patient Safety Organization

The Quality Center Patient Safety Organization provides a secure environment for healthcare providers in NC and other states to voluntarily report, discuss and learn from patient safety events.

Model Opioid Practices

NCHA is working with our partners to improve care pathways and to identify and disseminate model opioid practices for providers.

Mentorship Program

NCHA is launching a year-long mentorship program to connect leaders who are willing to share their knowledge and experience to inspire and equip high-achieving women and men from underrepresented communities to the next level in their career development.

Critical Access Hospital Collaborative

This collaborative learning network, in partnership with the NC Office of Rural Health, aims to improve quality and safety of patient care by improving performance in inpatient and outpatient core measures, certain care transition measures and patient scores.

Small Rural Hospital Improvement Program

NCHA supports the implementation of small, rural hospital improvement projects for 33 small, rural hospitals through the Small Rural Hospital Improvement Grant Program (SHIP).

Equity of Care

North Carolina hospitals and health systems are committed to eliminating health disparities so that everyone has access to the care they need to achieve their highest potential for health.

Just Culture Materials

NCHA has a licensing agreement with Outcome Engenuity, LLC to offer Just Culture Materials at a discounted rate to all North Carolina hospitals and healthcare facilities. For more information on the NC Just Culture Materials contact Erika Sands at (919) 677-4211.

Just Culture Materials Available

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NC Mobile Medication Program

The NC Mobile Medication Program partnered with people at risk of psychiatric hospitalizations to enhance their medication adherence skills.

Pneumonia Knockout

The Pneumonia Knockout Initiative partnered with hospitals, health systems, and community providers to reduce statewide pneumonia mortality and readmission rates.

Peer Support Program

The pilot program aimed to connect patients presenting to the Emergency Department with opioid overdose or substance use disorder to treatment, recovery, resources, and harm reduction supports.

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