There are no funding or technical assistance opportunities currently open. Opportunities will be shared here as they arise. Thank you for your interest.Dean Higgins
Senior Director of Operations
North Carolina Healthcare Foundation
Sarah Cavaiani
Grants & Programs Associate
North Carolina Healthcare Foundation
scavaiani@ncha.orgThis funding supported rural hospitals with workforce development initiatives. Projects focused on professional development and certification, simulation-based skill building, cultural competency, racial equity, reduction of workforce burnout, and internal training programs.NCHA is conducting a pilot program of evidence-based treatment of opioid use disorder through administration of buprenorphine. NCHA is providing technical assistance, coaching, and implementation support to hospitals participating in the pilot program. The program will begin in January 2023. Applications for pilot hospitals have closed.This funding supported the urgent preparedness and response needs of hospitals, health systems, and health care workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak. Projects included increasing infection control safety, department renovations, and creation of virtual and “hospital at home” programs.This program distributed funds to healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and community partners across the state of North Carolina. Funds were used to provide critical safety, health, and wellness supports to communities; develop systems to serve communities remotely; and conduct outreach and education activities relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.