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Enrollment in Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) and Carolina Access doesn’t just benefit Medicaid Clients and the State of North Carolina; it also provides value to Medicaid providers, including hospitals. The available downloads explain how to facilitate a Medicaid Client's enrollment into CCNC and the ways in which participation in CCNC can create positive changes in the lives of Medicaid Clients while boosting the quality and effectiveness of a hospital's clinical operations.

The CCNC Enrollment Drive seeks to link the 170,000 Medicaid clients that are eligible for CCNC, but not enrolled, to a CCNC Primary Care Medical Home. This is an integral part of CCNC's and the medical communities' efforts to reduce unnecessary spending and reach the NC DHHS savings target.

The replay of Community Care of NC/Carolina Access Enrollment Drive, webinar held on September 14, discusses the benefits of CCNC and provides step by step instructions on how to enroll Medicaid Clients into CCNC. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation CCNC/CA Enrollment Drive, is available for download as well.

Community Care of North Carolina

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Enrollment Webinar Replay

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