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Provider Portal Enrollment

Bringing robust data to the point of care is making a big difference for Medicaid beneficiaries - and a much larger population could soon benefit. The Provider Portal of Community Care of North Carolina gathers information on a broad spectrum of care received by patients, including hospitalizations, medications, laboratory results, care management outreach and outpatient office visits. The Provider Portal also provides a wide variety of low-literacy patient education materials in 11 languages and tools to help practices with risk assessment and disease management. Medical home providers can also directly access population management reports and quality metrics for their own patient population through a link to CCNC's Informatics Center Reports Site. The Provider Portal will be a central tool in statewide efforts to improve the management of chronic pain. Participating providers can readily access prior pain management efforts, as well as feedback from care managers in close contact with patients. With the Portal, patterns of inappropriate ED use are readily apparent, as is "doctor-shopping" that can indicate a problem with substance abuse. 

For those hospitals and/or physicians wishing to access Provider Portal and check on whether or not your organization has signed the necessary Informatics Center System Access Agreement, please contact Latonya Badger at 919/745- 2397 or at lbadger@n3cn.org.

Provider Portal

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