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North Carolina Hospital Association

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Keeping Current in a Rapidly Evolving Environment

The North Carolina Hospital Association represents the collective voice of more than 130 hospitals and health systems across our state. In today's rapidly evolving healthcare environment, hospitals are responding to numerous challenges that impact our ability to meet our mission to provide quality healthcare to everyone in the communities we serve. From the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the resulting federal reimbursement cuts, to the development of a reform plan for North Carolina's Medicaid program, our member hospitals and health systems have been called on to transform the way we deliver patient care while continuing to be responsive to an increasingly consumer-driven health system.

NCHA One-page Legislative Summary



The following position statements represent NCHA member views and were adopted as of Nov. 18, 2016:

Behavioral Health - North Carolina hospitals and health systems support access to appropriate levels of care for our behavioral health patients. The state should improve payment models to help behavioral health patients reach the right providers at the right time -- and to compensate those providers for the care they provide, whether crisis or non-crisis care. North Carolina should also remove all barriers to ensure providers are enabled to refer patients to the right level of care, especially when the patient would otherwise wait in the Emergency Department. Access NCHA Member Resources

Certificate of Need - North Carolina hospitals and health systems support the current services covered under the Certificate of Need law. We recognize that the application and appeals process could be updated to be more streamlined and efficient and that monetary thresholds for capital expenditures should be increased in response to modern economic conditions. We have been and continue to be supportive of efforts to do so in the rules review process. Access NCHA Member Resources

Tax Status/Exemptions - North Carolina should join a majority of states that do not tax sales or purchases made by not for profit organizations. This exemption recognizes the millions of dollars provided to communities and the incentive it provides for greater investment in the unmet needs across the state. Access NCHA Member Resources

Graduate Medical Education - North Carolina hospitals and health systems are training the medical workforce of tomorrow. In order to ensure adequate physician access to every North Carolinian, the General Assembly should provide funding sources for Graduate Medical Education. Access NCHA Member Resources

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