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Cause for Applause

Does your recognition/gratitude for a team member demonstrate:
• Exceptional drive, motivation and willingness to always perform at the highest levels and standards?
• Superior creativity and resourcefulness in getting the job done by developing exceptional solutions to member/customer needs, problems and/or improving work processes?
• Proactively anticipates member/customer, and/or co-workers needs?
• Sought after as a resource by co-workers/peers because of superior ability in handling difficult/complex situations?
• Communicates with empathy, patience and thorough understanding?
• Seeks opportunities to enhance value to the NCHA and members?
If you answered Yes to any of these questions, please consider sharing your recognition/gratitude for a team member at our next General Team Meeting.
We only have 10 minutes for Cause for Applause, so please keep your recognition/gratitude short and sweet.

Visit the Gratitude Board

Please visit the Gratitude Board outside of Amy's office. Boost about a co-worker's awesomeness by leaving a Gratitude note or find stationary to write an encouraging note!
Recently added to the Gratitude Board, our Employee Relations Committee Question, "What does Differently Better mean to you?". Please stop by to answer our monthly question.