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About the Program

The North Carolina Mobile Medication Program (MMP) was modeled after a project in rural Pennsylvania, which was the winner of the first Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust’s (KBR) Innovations in Rural Health Award in 2013. In its first year, the Pennsylvania program helped reduce hospitalization costs in the area by more than $1.3 million.

In 2014, KBR awarded NCHF a three-year grant to implement the NC MMP in two high-need North Carolina counties. The pilots by UNC Nash Health Care and Daymark Recovery Services in Vance county used trained peer support specialists, supervised by registered nurses, to meet one-on-one with individual clients in their homes. The goal of the program was to enhance medication adherence skills.

UNC Nash Health Care and Daymark Recovery Services ultimately served 382 clients between April 2015 and November 2018.

One community-based practitioner familiar with the program stated, “some of our more complex cases have stabilized as a result [of the MMP].”

The MMP teams may serve as a cost-effective approach to meeting rural behavioral health needs. At one site, every one dollar spent on the MMP yielded $1.46 in estimated savings in avoided ED visits and hospitalizations.



Sharing Outcomes

In June 2016, the NC MMP received the highest honor in the Pioneer Institute’s 25th Annual Better Government Competition. The program was chosen from 100 entries from across the country for its unique approach to reducing the number of psychiatric hospitalizations and repeated emergency department (ED) visits by individuals with severe behavioral health disorders. See a video and read the program details

Subsequent program results informed an implementation guide, a two-page summary of program results, and three poster presentations shared at nationwide conferences (citations below).

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