NCHA Awards and Recognitions

The North Carolina Healthcare Association (NCHA) is honored to recognize leaders and teams in North Carolina hospitals and health systems that are committed to the mission of improving the health of their communities through innovative, high quality care. Each year, NCHA recognizes award winners in the following categories during our annual membership meetings. A committee of members will review nominations and make recommendations to the NCHA Board.

All nominations are submitted electronically by member hospitals and health systems based on deadlines outlined below. To make a nomination, please complete the web form linked to the award title.


NCHA Winter Meeting Awards

Presented February 20, 2019
Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley
Deadline for nominations: January 9, 2019
NCHA is pleased to introduce two new awards to be presented at the Winter Membership meeting. They are the Healthier Communities Award and the Highsmith Award for Innovation. To make a nomination, please complete the web form linked to the award title below.

Healthier Communities Award new

Submit your nomination here.
Hospitals and health systems are catalysts in their communities for new approaches to  promoting more equitable health outcomes for patients, families and communities. This award recognizes collaborative work by an NCHA member institution or institutions to promote health and well-being by addressing an identified community need.
Nominations should describe a program, project, event or initiative that:

  • Is a collaboration between one or more NCHA member institutions with other healthcare providers, community-based organizations or local government agencies
  • Promotes and improves the health and well-being of the community
  • Demonstrates a financial and/or resource investment from the hospital/health system to the community.
  • Illustrates a creative approach to meeting the community need
  • Establishes a measurable impact on the health and well-being of the community


Highsmith Award for Innovation – new

Submit your nomination here.
North Carolina’s hospitals and health systems are transforming healthcare delivery across the care continuum utilizing new skills, practices and systems built around the ultimate end-user, patients. Named for Dr. John Highsmith, the first president of NCHA, this award is presented to a member institution or to an individual/team employed by an NCHA member institution in recognition of innovation that creates value for patients/consumers of healthcare.

Nominations should describe the organization, team or individual’s work on a specific project or initiative designed to enhance the patient experience that

  • Illustrates the scope, originality and implementation of innovation
  • Effectively achieves a stated purpose
  • Demonstrates potential for applicability to other hospitals or health systems


NCHA Summer Meeting Awards

Presented July 18, 2019
Pinehurst Resort
Deadline for nominations: April 10, 2019
NCHA’s highest individual honors are awarded at NCHA’s Summer Membership Meeting in July. They are the Distinguished Service Award and the Clinical Leadership Award. Nominations will be accepted beginning in February 2019.

Distinguished Service Award

This award is presented to an NCHA member institution executive currently serving in a leadership role whose contributions to the healthcare field have had a positive and lasting impact at the local, regional, state or national level.


Clinical Leadership Award

This award is presented to an NCHA member institution clinician currently serving in a leadership role who has made an outstanding contribution to his/her organization through creativity, collaboration and clinical excellence.


Other NCHA Recognitions

Life Membership

Life membership is conferred upon retired CEOs or executives that have served NCHA member institutions for at least 20 years and upon immediate past chairs of the NCHA Board of Trustees in recognition of service to the field. Life membership recipients are recognized at the annual Summer Meeting in July.

Trustee Recognition

NCHA recognizes the outstanding leadership and contributions of individuals who serve as member institution trustees and board members. Presentation dates for 2019 have not yet been determined.

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