Oaks Conference Room

Share your screen to the TV

  1. Connect to cable on table
  2. Turn on TV
  3. Select correct source: HDMI 1 is cable closest to the TV, HDMI 2 is the cable near the entrance

Start a Zoom Meeting Using Owls

  1. Turn on TV and select correct source (HDMI 1 is cable closest to TV, HDMI 2 is cable near entrance)
  2. Connect cable to computer
  3. If you have used the Owls before, select the Owl as your source for video, microphone, and speaker
  4. If you have NOT used the Owls before
    1. Open the Owl icon that appeared on your desktop
    2. Drag the MeetingOwl app to your applications folder
    3. Open your applications folder and open the MeetingOwl app
    4. Start your Zoom meeting
    5. In Zoom, set your source for video, microphone, and speaker to the Meeting Owl


  • Owls
    • If you don’t see the blue light above the power button on the Owl, press the power button
    • If pressing the power button does not solve the problem with the Owls, unplug the cable going into the power brick on the floor
  • TV
    • Make sure you are using the right source (top right button on the remote). HDMI 1 is closest to the screen; HDMI 2 is near the door.