PDS Migration Background FAQ

The frequently asked questions below provide background on the PDS migration project to the Hospital Industry Data Institute (HIDI) and answers high-level questions regarding HIDI implementation.

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What is the PDS program?

The Patient Data System (PDS) program is a state-mandated data submission program used by the State of North Carolina to inform the Certificate of Need process and the State Medical Facilities Plan. The data is, in turn, used by health systems for analysis of the healthcare market, to assess market position, shifts in key services, patient origin, and quality of care. PDS has been managed by Truven Health Analytics (now IBM-Watson) for many years.

Why is PDS switching vendors?

NCHA’s Data Policy Committee, a committee of the NCHA Board, evaluated the PDS program with the aim of reducing cost and increasing value for members and consumers of the PDS program. After a request for proposal and thorough analysis, the Committee recommended and the NCHA Board approved migrating the program to the Hospital Industry Data Institute (HIDI), a division of the Missouri Hospital Association. Several states, including Texas, West Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia have undergone a similar migration and use HIDI as their vendor.

When will the program migrate to HIDI?

The first test submission for CY 2019 Q3 will occur in November 2019, with the first production mode submission due in February of 2020. We are happy to share a timeline with you if that is helpful to your internal project team.

How long will I continue submitting data to IBM Watson?

IBM Watson will continue to receive quarterly data submissions for the remainder of 2019. The final submission to IBM for CY 2019 Q4 will be submitted in February 2020, with an opportunity to refresh 2019 data in June 2020.

Does HIDI perform this kind of work in other states?

Yes, HIDI maintains statewide data collection programs in many states, particularly Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee.

What will happen to the products I currently purchase from IBM?

NCHA aims to make the migration as seamless as possible. You will be able to continue to use any and all of the commercial products you purchase from IBM-Watson Health with little to no disruption.

How long will I receive my CareComparison™ Reports?

You will receive your reports throughout calendar year 2019. We will continue to keep you informed about what to expect in 2020. You will have resources available to you via HIDI starting in 2020.

Will the data submission format change?

Yes, the data submission format will change. As of February, we anticipate the format to change to the HIDI400, a proprietary format which is  similar to the current format. If you have questions or want to comment on the possibilities of data submission format, please contact Tatyana Kelly or Jonathan Kea (contact information on this page).

Will there be any impact to the North Carolina Hospital Emergency Surveillance System (NCHESS) program?

The NCHESS program will remain with IBM-Watson. There will be no change to the NCHESS program.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Contact Tatyana Kelly and/or Jonathan Kea with any questions, comments or concerns. Our contact information is on this page.

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