Policy Development

NCHA engages with leaders of member health systems to identify emerging issues, look for opportunities to build consensus, proactively develop policies, and provide guidance on advocacy activities to effect positive change.

The NCHA Policy Development Committee (PDC) is responsible for evaluating the needs of North Carolina’s health systems and developing policy actions. These actions may be voluntary policies undertaken by members or may be actions requiring public policy changes at both the State and Federal levels.

The PDC meets biannually to consider relevant issues and make policy recommendations as appropriate. The Committee then forwards recommendations to the NCHA Board of Trustees for their final action and adoption. The Committee may appoint task forces and ad hoc groups to research, investigate and recommend positions or statements relative to given subject areas.

NCHA has three regional policy councils (RPCs) that provide the PDC with a grassroots perspective and stakeholder insights on policies requiring NCHA action. Through RPC topic discussions, members will make NCHA aware of their policy problems, needs, opportunities and successes, and will identify emerging issues in the field. RPCs will work to build consensus regionally and provide input to the PDC to refine policy development on behalf of the field.

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