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COVID-19 Healthcare Hero Response Fund

North Carolina’s Hospitals and clinics are made up of people – amazing healthcare heroes who are entirely focused on saving lives and helping people heal during the coronavirus pandemic. They are a precious and limited resource.

The North Carolina Healthcare Foundation (NCHF) is grateful for the opportunity to help hospital and healthcare organizations employees during these challenging times. In recent decades, NCHF has supported healthcare heroes with recovering emotionally and economically from major hurricanes. As the novel coronavirus starts to take a physical and emotional toll on healthcare workers, we are reactivating our fund to provide frontline healthcare staff with good meals to sustain their strength to keep caring for patients and community members who need them.

How we plan on helping

The coronavirus pandemic affects all aspects of life for North Carolinians. Across the state, some of the people suffering most are local small business restaurant owners and their hourly employees. Not only are they concerned about staying healthy, but they are also unsure where their next paycheck will come from.

We want to do something about it.

The NCHF COVID-19 Healthcare Hero Response Fund is partnering with locally owned restaurants in communities across the state to provide meals to healthcare heroes who are on the front lines of caring for patients and communities in this pandemic. This effort will both nourish the bodies and souls of physicians, nurses and other healthcare heroes and boost local economies during a time of acute need.

We will initially focus on communities where the virus is hitting hardest, activating the program in other communities across the state as community interest and resources allow.

North Carolina’s hospital heroes
and local restaurant staff are hurting.
Together, we can help them.

How can you help?

Visit our NCHF Give page to see how you can help and to Donate to our COVID-19 Relief efforts.

Feed the Soul, an effort led by the North Carolina Healthcare Foundation, has raised more than $145,000 to provide nearly 13,000 meals to healthcare workers across North Carolina.

The Fill the Gap Response Fund, administered by the North Carolina Healthcare Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, has been established to provide assistance to member hospital and health systems, their employees, and their communities to support efforts to intentionally address health disparities worsened by natural disasters that occur in North Carolina. Contributions are tax deductible. Effective for donations received on or after May 1, 2020 any unused funds in the Feed the Souls campaign as of June 1, 2020 will be used to support COVID-19 relief efforts through the Fill the Gap Response Fund.

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