Oppomed is a platform built at The Nautical Group, a leading executive search, and HR consulting firm. Oppomed aims to solve the staffing crisis at our nation’s hospitals in an affordable, unique, and engaging way. By utilizing their technology, prospective applicants can connect with you faster than ever, which means you’ll meet more nurses and other healthcare professionals.

72% of RNs surveyed said they are more likely to inquire about a job if they could immediately schedule a meeting with the hiring manager and a recruiter. Oppomed makes meeting more nurses and healthcare professionals interested in permanent positions at your facility easy.

Oppomed provides the following Services:

  • Customized White-Label Text Recruiting: This is more than a chatbot; it allows prospective candidates to text directly from their phone just like they would friends and family. The screening can be completely automated, from initial contract to scheduling an interview. 
  • It’s Fast and Mobile-First: Within 2 minutes, a prospect can meet with 3 people at your organization. 
  • Virtual Hiring Events that Deliver: Like a job fair that never stops. High-volume positions such as CNAs are a perfect example of Oppomed’s power. By working with hiring managers, Oppomed can do a dozen interviews in an hour.

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