Real-time admission and discharge notifications link providers anywhere patients receive care


As NCHA hospitals and health systems work to build models for value-based, patient-centered care, NCHA recognizes the need for seamless information flow among all providers, regardless of type, technology, or geography. PatientPing, the market leader in care coordination technology, offers members access to a national community of engaged providers who receive real-time clinical notifications, called “Pings,” whenever and wherever their patients receive care. By enabling better communication across patients’ care teams, we can improve care quality, lower costs, and enable safer, more seamless care transitions.

Sharing Pings helps admission sites:

  • Identify patient’s ACO or other care manager
  • Build deeper partnerships with patient’s care team
  • Fill gaps in patient’s care plan and history

Real-time Pings help care coordinators:

  • Extend care beyond provider network
  • Reduce network leakage
  • Achieve measurable and immediate savings

In 2018, PatientPing worked with 49 hospitals and 180 post-acute sites in North Carolina. So far in 2019, this number has grown to 70+ hospitals and more than 350 community providers. PatientPing also announced its participation in NCHA’s Opioid Peer Support Program to assist them in their efforts of improving outcomes for those faced with opioid use disorder.

PatientPing helps us track what happens to our patients when they transition from our care, improving continuity and coordination of care, as well as preventing unnecessary hospital readmissions by knowing if and when a patient presents to the Emergency Department.

Steve Gable, Director of Operations, Kindred Healthcare

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