Secret weapons for protection against today’s advanced cyber criminals

Sensato focuses on privacy and compliance by helping organizations prepare for, assess, and respond to cybersecurity threats with products and services designed specifically for their unique information technology requirements.

The cost of setting up proper cybersecurity is a fraction of what an organization could lose in an attack. Today’s cybersecurity threat goes well beyond data — attackers have their sights set on critical infrastructure and healthcare. Founded in 2014, Sensato’s cybersecurity solutions were forged and refined in the healthcare industry.

Sensato’s programs, systems, services, training, and intelligence gathering are the product of designing the highest level of security for those who provide critical services that impact human health and safety: healthcare, medical, pharmacological, and related organizations; law enforcement, fire, and emergency services; clean water, power, and heat providers.

Products and services include:

  • A Critical Access Hospital Program: Sensato provides critical access hospitals with the same access to world-class cybersecurity programs with a package of services at a reasonable price point.
  • Medical Device Program: The Medical Device Cybersecurity Operations Program (MD-COP) is designed to protect medical devices deployed in healthcare provider settings. Sensato MD-COP provides clients with a dedicated cybersecurity tactical operations center, Nightingale breach detection system (Nightingale-BDA), medical device cybersecurity policies, medical device manufacturer risk assessment and scoring, on-going threat intelligence and medical device cybersecurity best practices.
  • Software Solution: Nightingale-BDA is the only cybersecurity solution designed and crafted from the ground-up with the attacker’s perspective in mind. It was designed to alert you to nefarious activity on your network by using the attacker’s own methods against them. By drawing an attacker to it, the honeypot allows anomalous activity to be detected quickly, then Nightingale-BDA can monitor the attacker’s activity and then initiate countermeasures.
  • Security Operations Center: Sensato’s Cybersecurity Tactical Operations Center (CTOC) is a command post for managing and responding to cyberattacks. The Sensato-CTOC focuses on cybersecurity threat detection and response. Their exclusive and proprietary deployment program delivers advanced threat detection, incident response, and compliance management across your entire environment in days.
  • Workshops, Trainings and Drills: Lead by specialists with a deep understanding of cyberattackers’ mindset and methods, Sensato’s tactical training programs and drills help IT teams prepare, defend, and respond. From writing secure code to creating tactical response plans to learning from attack simulations, they work to provide IT teams with the skills, preparedness, and muscle memory they need to defend against and respond efficiently to cyberattacks.

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