Sevaro provides access to vascular neurologists within 45 seconds to provide acute and non-acute neurological care in both the emergency and inpatient setting through telemedicine. They help hospitals achieve better stroke metrics, improve patient outcomes, and increase reimbursement.

Sevaro provides the following data-driven Telestroke services:

  • Vascular Neurologists via Telestroke: With an aim towards quality they only hire Vascular or Neuro critical care Neurologists to perform telestroke services in the Emergency Department and Inpatient Units.
  • Vascular and Neurocritical Care Neurologists for Inpatient Neurological Consults: When a neurological consult is requested from the inpatient unit their partner hospitals are able to speak directly to vascular and neurocritical care neurologists. This allows hospitals to keep more patients local and reduce transfers.
  • Synapse Telestroke Platform: Their proprietary telestroke and analytics platform accomplishes data capture, analytics and feedback on quality metrics that are drivers for stroke programs. All of this is integrated into their Telestroke platform which also incorporates video, EHR access, PACS image viewing and clinical workflow optimization.
  • Sevaro OneCall Intelligent On-call Routing System: This software was built by Vascular Neurologists to empower hospitals to reach us within 45 seconds. With Sevaro you don’t have to call a call center, or put any information into a consult request form. Simply pick up any phone, dial your Sevaro OneCall number and speak to the Vascular neurologist.
Almost 5 years after the stroke, Sandy and Eddie still take things day by treasured day living on love, faith, hope, and healing. Sandy encourages others dealing with their new life, post-stroke, to stay positive and focused. It’s a journey Eddie wouldn’t wish on anyone, but he is blessed beyond belief that he still has a story to tell…. And he will continue to fight until he finds the words to tell it. So should you.

Eddie Vincent, Patient
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