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White House Releases FY 2020 Budget Proposal

President Trump recently submitted to Congress his budget request for fiscal year 2020. The budget request, which is not binding, proposes hundreds of billions of dollars in reductions to Medicare and Medicaid over 10 years.The budget request also contains a number of provisions related to drug pricing, opioids

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Senate overrides Governor’s veto of budget

The North Carolina Senate voted along party lines to override Gov. Cooper’s veto of the budget. The House is expected to do the same this week. The House Judiciary approved the HOPE Act, which passed the House Health Committee. There will be an amendment on

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General Assembly passes budget

The NC General Assembly gave final approval Friday to a $23.9 billion spending plan crafted by House and Senate leaders. It will next go to the Governor, who has 10 days to veto the bill before it becomes law. To read a summary

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