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Joint Commission Issues Advisory on Disinfecting Ophthalmology Devices

The Joint Commission has recommended that healthcare organizations review cleaning and disinfection instructions for tonometers and other ophthalmology devices to ensure that they are reprocessed appropriately. To prevent serious infections, instruments that touch intact surfaces of the eye must be high-level disinfected and those that

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October NCHA Webinars

Tuesday, Oct. 9 | 10:30 am-12 p.m. Coding, Billing & Reimbursement for Non-Emergent Care in the ED This Oct. 9 webinar will help personnel understand the reasons for increasing volumes of urgent and clinical level services in the emergency department (ED), the increasing needs

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Joint Commission Announces New Perinatal Care Performance Measure

Effective Jan. 1, The Joint Commission will require accredited hospitals with at least 300 live births per year to report the percentage of infants with unexpected newborn complications among full-term newborns with no pre-existing conditions, the organization announced recently. All hospitals seeking perinatal care certification

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