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Advisory Panel for the North Carolina Healthy Opportunities Pilot Service Fee Schedule

The Commonwealth Fund and Manatt Health are convening an expert advisory panel to offer feedback on a groundbreaking effort of the NC of Health and Human Services. Under its recently approved Medicaid 1115 waiver, NC DHHS will launch “Healthy Opportunities Pilots” in two to

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Study: Social Risk Factors Linked to Hospital Readmissions, Penalties

Adjusting for social risk factors such as poverty, disability and housing instability in the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program could level the playing field for hospitals that serve the most vulnerable patients, according to a study published recently in Health Services Research. The authors examined claims

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Azar Previews HHS Plans to Address Social Determinants of Health

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar recently previewed the agency’s plans to better address social determinants of health. “We believe we could spend less money on healthcare – and most important, help Americans live healthier lives – if we did a better

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Mapping tool highlights socioeconomically disadvantaged neighborhoods

A new tool supported by the National Institutes of Health uses education, housing and poverty measures to rank and map neighborhoods according to socioeconomic disadvantage. According to NIH, researchers, policymakers and health and social service personnel can use the Neighborhood Atlas to study social-biological mechanisms of

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New AHA resource on ICD-10-CM coding for social determinants of health

The American Hospital Association recently released a new resource that hospitals and health systems can use to educate caregivers and coding professionals about the important need to collect data on the social determinants of health. AHA successfully advocated changing the requirement for these codes to

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