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State Health Coordinating Council Meets to Discuss Dialysis Services

Several members of the State Health Coordinating Council (SHCC) recently met with dialysis providers in a public meeting to discuss moving dialysis services to the Acute Care Chapter of the annual State Medical Facilities Plan. Such a move would also entail changing from

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Healthcare Planning & Data meeting scheduled for July 11

NCHA and Truven Health Analytics® (IBM Watson Health) will conduct a Healthcare Planning & Data meeting in Greensboro on July 11. The agenda will include The Patient Data System, NC Licensure Renewal Data submission processes, State Medical Facilities Plan (SMFP) topics and reviews

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SHCC’s Acute Care Services Committee meets to discuss need determinations

The State Health Coordinating Council’s Acute Care Services Committee met recently to review bed need and operating room determinations. More details are in today’s NCHA Regulatory Report. The report also includes brief notes from a May 11 Licensing of Hospitals/Stakeholder Meeting with officials

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Acute Care and Long Term/Behavioral Health Services Committees meet

The State Health Coordinating Council’s Acute Care Services Committee and Long Term/Behavioral Health Services Committee met in early April to review policies and methodologies, and consider petitions. For details, see the attached NCHA Regulatory Report.

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