The Quality Center Patient Safety Organization

Established in 2008 by NCHA and the NC Quality Center, the Quality Center Patient Safety Organization (PSO) was the first federally-designated PSO in North Carolina and the 25th in the nation. Our PSO provides a secure environment for healthcare providers in NC and other states to voluntarily report, discuss and learn from patient safety events.

Learn more about our PSO in this FAQ and from our 2016-2017 Program Summary, which highlights activities from the last two years to further advance improvement in care quality and patient safety.

To conduct activities that minimize harm to patients by fostering a culture of quality and safety through learning and sharing among healthcare organizations.

What is a PSO?
The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (Patient Safety Act) authorized the creation of a nationwide network of PSOs. A PSO collects, aggregates and analyzes patient safety events that are confidentially reported by hospitals and other healthcare providers. By encouraging voluntary and confidential reporting of serious adverse events a PSO can facilitate a shared-learning approach that supports effective healthcare improvements.

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