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With your help, we can create a North Carolina where high-quality healthcare is equitable and accessible for all.

Your generous contribution supports the North Carolina Healthcare Foundation’s mission to foster and accelerate the collective impact of hospitals, health systems, and community partners to improve the health of North Carolinians. Current initiatives address behavioral health, rural health, serious illness care, patient safety, community health access, and social determinants of health.

NCHF is committed to building a pipeline of underrepresented individuals into healthcare leadership roles through the Diverse Healthcare Leaders Mentorship Program. We are currently engaged in a 5-year campaign to raise $300,000 to support the expansion and sustainability of the program.

Donors who cumulatively give $500 or more will be acknowledged on our website and at our Annual Membership Meetings. Levels of Giving:

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Other Ways to Give Smarter

Interested in maximizing your gift and avoiding taxes? Below are some ways to multiply your impact. Contact Sarah Cavaiani at to learn about how you can contribute to the NCHF mission through other giving avenues.

Donor-advised funds are managed through a broker, such as Fidelity, Vanguard, or Charles Schwab. The donor receives a tax deduction when the funds are invested and can distribute funds from the account to any charity. Because the account grows with the stock market, donors maximize their gift and create even more impact.

Gifts of stock can help you avoid capital gains tax while still supporting your favorite organizations. Stock gifts are tax-advantaged because donors do not pay any capital gains tax on their donated stock. Stock gifts are an easy way to make a big impact on health equity.

IRAs are eligible for Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) if the account holder is over the age of 70 1/2 years. Donors can save on income taxes by donating up to $100,000 per year from their IRA tax-free. For donors age 72 or older QCDs qualify towards their Required Minimum Distribution.

The North Carolina Healthcare Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

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