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NCHA collects and analyzes data on behalf of our members to support public health, inform advocacy and policy decisions, improve healthcare quality, and advance healthcare delivery.

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North Carolina Healthcare Association PDS Data Submission Schedule

DischargesDue to HIDI
1st Quarter – Jan-MarchMay 14
2nd Quarter – April-JuneAug 14
3rd Quarter – July-SeptNov 14
4th Quarter – Oct-DecFeb 14

Patient Data System
NCHA tracks healthcare trends through the Patient Data System (PDS)— a comprehensive database of patient records offered to members by NCHA. The system enables participants to analyze the healthcare market and assess market position, shifts in key product services, patient origin, quality of care, patient safety and much more. The Patient Data System program is hosted by the Hospital Industry Data Institute (HIDI), a division of the Missouri Hospital Association. Should you or any of your team have questions or concerns, please contact Tatyana Kelly and/or Jonathan Kea at NCHA.

NC Hospital Emergency Surveillance System (NCHESS)
NCHESS was developed in 2005 through a unique public-private partnership between NCHA and the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services Division of Public Health. The system electronically monitors NC Emergency Departments in near-real time for early detection of disease outbreaks and bioterrorist attack. General Statute 130A-480 requires every hospital with an Emergency Department to submit patient data to the State at least once every 24 hours.

NCHESS also is the designated pathway for eligible hospitals to meet the meaningful use Syndromic Surveillance objective as part of the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs. Find out more here.

North Carolina Hospital Emergency Surveillance System – Investigative Monitoring Capability (NCHESS-IMC)
NCHESS-IMC was developed as a component of NCHESS and distributed to a select number of North Carolina hospitals. The IMC component is a robust syndromic surveillance tool that allows Public Health epidemiologists to view and respond to clinical alerts by reaching back into hospital lab results. The IMC component is proprietary software provided by CareEvolution.

NC Hospital Foundation grant-funded program

With the generous support of the Duke Endowment, NCHA created the Advocacy Needs Data Initiative (ANDI) in 2003. ANDI is a secure, password-protected, web-based survey tool that collects financial and workforce data on behalf of participating hospitals.

ANDI data has been used to model the impact of proposed legislation and to defend sales tax exemptions.

ANDI also supports the collection of Community Benefit Reports on unreimbursed costs of treating patients with government insurance and the uninsured. Hospitals voluntarily submit their community benefits reports to NCHA annually. See the most recent reports here.

NCHA provides aggregation and analysis of member-reported data collected at the state and federal level. Data is used to inform quality improvement and improve patient outcomes.

CMS Hospital Quality Star Ratings

In late February, CMS released its updated Overall Hospital Star Ratings, an important measure of hospital performance. In this round of ratings, North Carolina’s performance improved from 30th to 27th nationally. Reports show performance compared to national benchmarks for North Carolina and for your hospital.

NC Report

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PatientPing provides real-time admission and discharge notifications linking providers anywhere patients receive care. This program helps hospitals, health systems and post-acute facilities prevent costly readmissions and unnecessary emergency department visits, identify gaps in care, and track crucial trends in patient behavior. Find out more.

North Carolina Community Care Network (N3CN) Medicaid ADT Initiative
North Carolina hospitals participating in the NCHESS-IMC program are eligible to participate in the Medicaid ADT initiative at no cost to assist N3CN with care management activities, which in turn helps to reduce Medicaid costs in North Carolina.

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