Across the nation, healthcare issues remain at the forefront of the legislative debate. HOSPAC, the North Carolina Healthcare Association’s political action committee, contributes to success in advocacy by building relationships between community hospitals and their elected officials. Those relationships ensure that hospital and health system representatives are consulted before decisions are made.

Your personal, voluntary gift to HOSPAC is pooled with contributions from hospital executives and trustees from across North Carolina to help candidates who support North Carolina hospitals and healthcare systems. Candidates have to raise money to get elected and PACs are a legitimate source of funds. All contributions to HOSPAC are greatly appreciated. Please consider being a HOSPAC leader and setting an example for your hospital. NCHA HOSPAC and the PAC of the American Hospital Association recognize all leadership contributors.

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For your convenience, it is easy to make your contribution by credit card online here. Donations by check should be mailed to: North Carolina Healthcare Association Political Action Committee PO Box 896892 Charlotte, NC 28289-6892

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