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Hospital Community Benefits Report

North Carolina communities are unique. The hospitals that serve these communities are equally so. Each was built and is operated to serve a specific group of neighbors. That uniqueness extends to hospital policies for assisting patients with financial challenges. These policies, combined with each community’s demographics, greatly influence the amount of the local hospital’s charity care and other community benefits. Economic conditions among communities differ, prompting different hospital standards for charity care. There is also no one-size-fits-all solution for segmenting between charity care and bad debt.

North Carolina hospitals want their communities to know their financial assistance policies and what benefits they are providing. The hospitals have voluntarily submitted their financial assistance policies along with their community benefit reports. Understanding the assistance policies is vital to reasoned comparison of hospital community benefit reports.

This site pairs hospitals’ community benefit reports with their financial assistance policies. Just click on the report and the policy alongside each hospital name. The financial data was self-reported by hospitals using guidelines developed by NCHA and our members. It has not been validated by NCHA or by another independent resource.

For details about quantifying community benefit, please see the NCHA Community Benefit Guidelines. NCHA will continue to work with hospitals to standardize definitions and data sources to improve community benefit reporting.

This list includes all general acute care hospitals in North Carolina. It also includes several other types of hospitals that have volunteered to share their community benefit report. If a hospital does not have a current community benefit report listed, please contact the hospital directly. A list of NCHA member hospital contact information is available here.

For more information, or to report a problem, please send email to communitybenefits@ncha.org.

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