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North Carolina Hospital Association

Serving North Carolina Hospitals & Health Systems


HOSPAC, the political action committee for North Carolina hospitals and integrated health systems, provides an excellent opportunity for you to participate in the political process on behalf of your hospital and health system. Your personal, voluntary gift to HOSPAC is pooled with contributions from hospital executives and trustees from across North Carolina to help candidates who are supportive of North Carolina hospitals and healthcare systems.

The HOSPAC Board is comprised of hospital/health system executives and trustees from each of NCHA’s six Districts. These individuals are knowledgeable about the political climate in their area and of the relationships between candidates and their local hospitals. The HOSPAC Board evaluates political candidates based on their history of support for health care issues and their involvement with and commitment to their hospitals. The Board determines which candidates to support based on these evaluations as well as specific requests from hospital executives who support HOSPAC.


Once a contribution to a candidate is approved, the HOSPAC check is delivered locally by hospital/health system executives and trustees in order to establish or enhance the personal connections between that candidate and their hospital. These personal relationships are the very foundation of effective advocacy. Personal relationships foster the communication that is essential to inform and educate elected officials as they make the decisions that have a substantial impact on our hospitals and healthcare systems.


Contrary to popular myth, political action committees do not buy favors or votes. They do provide much of the financial support to political campaigns for candidates who are supportive of the PAC’s issues - financial support that is essential in our political system. The cost of running for political office has increased tremendously in North Carolina. Candidates have to raise money to get elected and PACs are a legitimate source.


Hospitals and health systems must take an active role in the political process and financially support the candidates who appreciate and support their efforts to serve patients and communities. Association and interest group PACs that raise substantial dollars for political candidates gain an advantage by helping ensure their issues are heard in Raleigh and Washington. Hospitals and health systems must have that advantage. The candidates who are willing to listen to your concerns as they vote on the bills that will affect your hospital/healthcare system's daily operations deserve - and depend on - HOSPAC support. Please consider a contribution to benefit not only your hospital/health system but also all of the hospitals/health systems in North Carolina.

All contributions to HOSPAC are greatly appreciated. Please however consider being a HOSPAC leader and setting an example for your hospital. NCHA HOSPAC and the PAC of the American Hospital Association recognize all leadership contributors.

Ben Franklin Club: A personal contribution to HOSPAC of $1,000 or more entitles you to membership in the Ben Franklin Club, which is the highest status by HOSPAC and the PAC of AHA. Ben Franklin Club members receive special recognition at NCHA membership meetings and AHA events.

Chairman's Circle: A Chairman's Circle contribution is $500 or more and also entitles the contributor to special recognition by NCHA and the AHA.

Capitol Club: A personal contribution of $350 or more allows you to become a member of the Capitol Club.

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