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North Carolina Hospital Association

Serving North Carolina Hospitals & Health Systems


1. Why should I support NCHA HOSPAC?
Effective advocacy is based on: good lobbyists, strong grassroots and a strong HOSPAC. Legislators and members of Congress have a tremendous impact on the daily operations of a hospital and healthcare system. Medicare, Medicaid, Certificate of Need, funding for health care workforce training, State Employees’ Health Plan, Workers’ Compensation, EMTALA, HIPAA, labor laws, and peer review are just a few of the issues that elected officials address. HOSPAC supports elected officials that support you and your organizations.

2. Why do we (PACs) contribute to political candidates?
Legislative elections are expensive. PACs help support candidates as political campaign expenses continue to increase. HOSPAC uses its funds to help support candidates and elected officials that understand and support our mission and our organizations. A strong PAC is essential to successful healthcare advocacy.

3. Who delivers the checks? How do we determine which candidates get HOSPAC support?
Hospital and healthcare system executives and trustees personally deliver HOSPAC checks. HOSPAC dollars DO NOT buy votes. HOSPAC encourages hospital/health system executives and trustees to build relationships with their local legislators. The HOSPAC Board, which is made up of hospital/health system administrators and trustees, determines who and how much support we provide based on input from local CEOs and those in constant contact with elected officials.

4. Which of the two political parties do we tend to support?
Healthcare issues are oblivious to party politics. We work to be political party neutral. Healthcare issues are too big for one party to solve.

5. Why is it important that your hospital/healthcare system make their goal?
Our strength as individuals is based on the collective action of all. We ask all hospitals/healthcare systems to run a HOSPAC campaign and it is important that ALL the hospitals/healthcare systems reach their goal.

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