Social Impact Program

The North Carolina Healthcare Foundation (NCHF) is facilitating hospital-community partnerships to improve health outcomes through community-led, systems-level solutions and sustainable collaborative investments. 

NCHF recognizes that a foundational requirement of informing best practices for improving care delivery is supporting community-based innovation, developing leading-edge programming, and bringing together diverse voices and perspectives to drive lasting change. Within the Rural Health Innovation sector, NCHF has as an organizational priority to create stable rural health services that meet the changing needs of North Carolina’s rural communities while demonstrating value to the overall system of care. Through the work of our Social Impact Program, NCHF aims to be a convenor in advocating for future sustainable investments in community-led, systems-level solutions to disparate health outcomes by: 

  1. Building a framework for facilitating hospital-community partnerships aimed to inform new  models for collaborative investments to promote health. 
  2. Empowering NC health systems to embrace upstream, groundwater approaches to leading systems-level change with theircommunities. 
  3. Utilizing a human-centered approach to center the voice of the community in determining needs and aligning resources for value-based approaches to community investment.
  4. Understanding and transforming social systems that drive health outcomes.

Through funding from Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust, NCHF’s is building a framework for facilitating hospital-community partnerships aimed to inform new models for collaborative investments that improve health outcomes and drive value-based care.  

NCHF is partnering with UNC Health Southeastern in Robeson County to begin this innovation project focusing on developing systems-level, groundwater approaches to addressing transportation–one of many social drivers of health. The community engagement methods and framework development process created through this effort will serve as a template for how to systemically design sustainable models of care that are centered around the lived experiences of end-users of the healthcare system.  

While serving as a partner to Robeson County’s residents and local healthcare system, NCHF aims to advocate for future sustainable investments in community-led, systems-level solutions to disparate health outcomes through the following objectives: 

  1. Offering proof of concept for community-hospital partnerships that can be replicated across other NC communities, shifting public and institutional perspective in the value of human-centered, collaborative approaches to healthcare.  
  2. Provisioning mini-grants to pilot innovative interventions that address root causes of challenges around social determinants of health (i.e. transportation) and demonstrate approaches that are effective at improving outcomes.   
  3. Utilizing insights, case studies, processes, and performance metrics for the social impact framework to develop a Social Impact Playbook that will be made available to other North Carolina health systems and communities pursuing a similar effort to address other social drivers impacting the health of communities.   

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