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Intelassist is a remote staffing organization that connects healthcare organizations worldwide with skilled professionals from Manila, Philippines. Since 2007, Intelassist has been sourcing, training, and retaining top-tier talent dedicated to each of its partners. By managing overhead costs, HR, and payroll, Intelassist enables you to concentrate on your business and patients while securing the best candidates.

Intelassist offers tailored solutions and on-demand assistance engaging across a spectrum of healthcare projects from clinical to administrative domains. Whether it’s optimizing patient care, streamlining operations, or enhancing medical infrastructure, Intelassist is equipped to meet your distinctive needs. Intelassist’s experts boast extensive qualifications and a minimum of 5 years of hands-on involvement in their specialized healthcare fields.

Intelassist serves as an extension of your team and covers a range of essential tasks. From their office in Manila, Intelassist supports in the following key areas: