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Sensato Cybersecurity, a CloudWave Company, focuses on cybersecurity for healthcare by monitoring and detecting threats, and helping healthcare organizations prepare for, assess, and respond to cybersecurity threats with products and services designed specifically for healthcare’s unique information technology requirements.

The cost of setting up proper cybersecurity is a fraction of what an organization could lose in an attack. Today’s cybersecurity threat goes well beyond data — attackers have their sights set on critical infrastructure and healthcare. Founded in 2014, Sensato’s cybersecurity solutions were forged and refined in the healthcare industry. In November 2022, Sensato joined as part of the CloudWave family to bring together leading-edge cloud hosting services with managed cybersecurity services for a seamless enhanced experience for hospitals.

Sensato’s programs, services, training, and intelligence gathering are the product of designing the highest level of security for those who provide critical services that impact human health and safety.

Products and services include: