• Pharmacy


SUNRx provides covered entities with a fully compliant 340B contract pharmacy program that extends the reach of hospitals and health centers patients into the community.

SUNRx identifies, contracts and onboards pharmacies. Their nationwide network of 340B participating pharmacies continues to grow. Their web-based Virtual Inventory system eliminates the need to keep a separate 340B inventory, and it “virtually” tracks prescription usage for pharmacy replenishment. The SUNRx Virtual Inventory system interfaces with the entity’s IT system to ensure service area visit-level eligibility. Checks are performed to make sure the doctor, patient and pharmacy are all eligible prior to capturing a 340B prescription.

Their unique proprietary cash program, with flexible plan designs, helps covered entities carry out the entity’s mission of serving low-income, uninsured patients. SUNRx captures eligible third-party claims retrospectively using a detailed methodology that combines the download of pharmacy switch data, the hospital visit data, and the entity-approved eligibility rule set.

SUNRx prides itself on being the most compliant 340B contract pharmacy manager. They keep clients abreast of the latest 340B regulations, apply a conservative set-up approach, maintain all required records, and are at our clients’ side during self-audits and at regulatory audits.

One North Carolina hospital’s program generated more than $700,000 in 2017 and should top $950,000 in 2018, a 23% increase in year-over-year savings.