Bamboo Health

Appriss Health + PatientPing is now Bamboo Health, where we connect 37 payers and 1 million clinicians across 50 states creating one of the most interoperable care collaboration networks in the nation.

Mission: We enable our customers to optimize value-based outcomes by delivering information, actionable insights, and support for the delivery of whole person care through payer and provider collaboration.

Vision: We will revolutionize healthcare in the U.S. by connecting every payer, provider, and care team member to address whole person care by combining patient data, analytics, and communication at the point of care.

Value: You, your organization, and those in your care gain an advantage from three primary benefits: greater efficiencies, reduced costs, and improved outcomes. We connect the disconnected, filling data gaps and fostering communication for providers and payers. We enable actions that reduce costs and improve outcomes through true interoperability across one of the nation’s largest care collaboration networks. We inform the uninformed, equipping providers with a more complete patient picture and enabling better whole person care.

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