Healthcare Purchasing at the Click of a bttn.

bttn. (pronounced Button), a healthtech medical supplier powered by big data and predictive pricing models.

bttn.’s advanced data modeling uses predictive pricing to optimize purchasing habits, and automate healthcare purchasing for all providers. bttn. ensures that every healthcare organization has fair pricing and easy access to essential supplies.

Streamline purchases through bttn.‘s online procurement platform — an easy method to procure wholesale medical supply, reoccurring orders, and track orders. There are no exclusive contracts, no organizational size requirements, and no minimum order quantities. It’s wholesale medical supply for all.

NCHA Live Discount Code

To kick off this partnership, bttn. is offering an exclusive discount code to NCHA members to use on any product on their online medical supply catalog. Use the unique discount code: NCPPE1 at checkout to unlock the savings! This discount code is live until the webinar on June 9! bttn. offers FREE SHIPPING on all products.

bttn. has developed a platform aimed at cutting out middlemen, offering direct-from-manufacturer pricing and providing a better ordering experience. This exciting new startup company just closed on a $1.5 million investment seed round. #automated #purchases #medicalsupplies

Read more about the recent investment in bttn. here:

NCHA members can learn more here:

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, reach out to bttn. and they’ll apply the discount code to any off-website products.

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